Carmine Iadarola


Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, B.A. Government

University of Colorado, Boulder, M.P.A., City Management

University of Colorado, Denver, Technical Courses

Metropolitan State, Denver, Technical Courses


Environmental Policy: Water system development, water management, water valuation, water meter sizing, and water history; Energy Policy: thermal, wind and energy development.


  • American Water Works Association
  • Water Wise Colorado
  • National Home Builders Association
  • Colorado Apartment Builder’s Association
  • Business and Economics Council
  • Xeriscape Colorado
  • Colorado Water Education Foundation
  • Colorado University, Center of the American West
  • Colorado State Water Research Institute
  • Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce
  • Human Pursuits
  • Delegate, Democratic National Convention, 2008
  • Member, U.S. Navy League – San Diego
  • Commercial Mission Representative to China from San Diego, 2008
  • Commercial Mission Representative to Israel, February 2004


President, AquaSan Network, Inc.

Littleton, CO, 1983-Present.

Founder and President of AquaSan Network, Inc., a company which provides diversified administrative and technical services in the development of water and energy systems to the public, private and non-profit sectors. Company responsibilities include: for Water: development of water demand management programs, water and sewer fee studies, financial feasibility of water supply projects, wetlands development, water and sewer service negotiations, Metropolitan and Two Forks Agreements process, water feasibility analysis, water and sewer line extension policies, and project management. For Energy: obtaining water, air, land use and discharge entitlements for the development of gas-fired, wind and solar projects

Contributing Editor, Daily Journal

1993 – present

Provide monthly column on water and wastewater issues facing Colorado and the west. Column matters addressed include environmental, economic, institutional, water management, historical and political issues concerning the provision of water and wastewater services in the West.

Associate Professor, University of Colorado, School of Political Science

1991 – present

Teach three classes for Certification in Administration of Environmental Programs. Classes include a review of environmental laws, consent building, management tools, administrative case samples, and implementation of environmental programs.

Assistant Water Sales Administrator, Denver Water Department, Denver, CO – 1977-1983


Responsibilities included negotiations and writing of water sales contracts for Denver. Writing and negotiating charges and fees schedules, estimating facility costs

Research Analyst, Legislative Council, Colorado Legislature, Denver CO – 1976-1977

Provided expert testimony on water and sewer matters to the legislature. Staffed House Local Governments and Senate Health, Environment, Welfare and Institutions Committees.

Assistant Director, Consumer Council, Territory of Guam – 1975-1976

Evaluated various consumer issues, specializing in utility related concerns. Worked as liaison with the legistlature, federal government and various island consumer groups to ensure compliance with consumer laws. Researched legal issues for Consumer Council.

Interim City Manager, City of Silverthorne, CO – 1972-1973

Developed land use planning mechanisms including zoning ordinances and flood plain regulations. Administrative analysis and forms development. Held public hearings on various planning issues.

Program Evaluator, Community Mental Health, Lansing, MI – 1974

Responsible for evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the various components of the organization and adequacy and fairness of fee schedule including the Drug Rehabilitation Program, Mental Health Program, and Educational Programs.



Site Developer, Invenergy, California.

Wind Energy Development, San Diego County, CA April 2007-Present. Responsible for getting approval of wind projects in San Diego County. Successfully accomplished task by winning the bid for the largest wind project in Southern California for 300 MW of wind on Campo Indian Reservation. Responsibilities included working with local tribes and community leaders in educating about wind and the economic, social, environmental and health benefits of renewable energy to the San Diego community.

Wind Energy Development, Lassen County, CA November 2007-December 2008. Responsible for developing community support for a 100 MW wind project in Lassen County. Successfully received approval of project from Lassen County supervisors and the Lassen County Municipal Utility District for developing the transmission lines and infrastructure necessary for project.

Hybrid Solar development, Fresno County, CA. January 2008 – Present. Responsible for identifying and developing sites and water for hybrid solar development in Fresno County CA. Hybrid solar is a 250 MW is a combined concentrated solar project backed up by a natural gas turbine.

Site Developer, Kinder Morgan Power, State of Virginia.

Responsible for development of three power plants in Virginia. Successfully obtained local water contracts, zoning and platting of three sites. Also obtained air, water, wastewater and Public Utility Commission (State Corporation Commission in VA), for the sites. Administered 57 consultants and a $3 million development budget.

Site Developer, Barlow Projects, Virginia, North Carolina and Key West, Florida.

This position requires representing a waste-to-energy company and determining the efficacy of various waste disposal options for communities in these states. Responsibilities included identifying sites, negotiating contracts and obtaining environmental permits.

Site Developer, Community Energy, Inc., North Carolina and Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Represented CEI, a wind energy company, in development of wind energy in VA and NC. Responsibilities included identifying and obtaining sites for large wind energy turbines. Responsibilities included negotiating with individual land owners and obtaining permits from local agencies for construction of windmills.

Site Developer, Invenergy, Colorado.

Represented Invenergy in obtaining air, water, sewer, discharge, land use and /or right of way entitlements for the Spindle Hill gas fired power plant, Squirrel Creek combined cycle gas fired power plant in Colorado Springs, the Spring Canyon wind energy farm, the San Luis Valley Wind Energy farm, and the Lowry Solar Field.

Site Developer, natural gas and solar sites, Arizona. April 2007 -Present.

Identify sites, water, transmission and other resources in Arizona for energy centers that would support any of the three technologies for injection into the Arizona grid. Sites are presently under development..

Solar project, Springer, New Mexico October 2007.

Received and put together a bid for a 5 MW solar project for a local Rural Electric Authority. The bid was not awarded to my client.


Water Supply Development, Northwest Douglas County. Water Development, Sterling Ranch, Douglas County, CO. October 2004 – Present.

Responsible for developing water and obtaining approval for 10,000 home development in northwest Douglas County and surrounding Roxborough Park community. Residences are perilously close to running out of water from their non-renewable sources. Developed community support to change the Master Plan for the area and obtain urban designation from Denver Regional council of Governments. Zoning for project is dependent upon obtaining water. Work has included organization of communities, negotiations with Washington DC, and Colorado staff, obtaining State and Federal grants.

Water Demand Management Study – City of Westminster, CO.

The study accomplished three goals, 1) determine the water use characteristics of new residential development, 2) identify an effective water management program to reduce demand, 3) evaluate the potential for water conservation in new and existing development. Purpose of the study was to avoid a water tap moratorium because of supply shortage.

Water Conservation Study, Colorado Apartment Association, Denver, CO.

The study evaluated present water use in multi-family developments, and identified strategies and appliances for reducing water demand and water costs. Study was used to negotiate a $120,000 rebate program from the Denver Water Board for appliances and fixture replacement in existing multi-family units.

Water Purchase Agreement, Red Peak Property, Glendale, CO.

Negotiated the purchase of water from the City of Glendale for non-potable purposes on a multi-family development in the City. The water purchase agreement allowed the proprietor to save their landscaping and fill their pool during the severe 2002-2003 drought.

Water System Development – Brunswick County, VA.

Assist the County with the development of a water system to provide 7.7 million gallons per day for an electric generating station and county municipal demands. Project included identification and development of water rights, permit acquisition from state and federal agencies, reservoir development, and water quality mitigation.

Water Asset Study – Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District.

District was faced with a water tap moratorium because of a supply shortage. District reviewed its assets and developed a water supply program using its stormwater, ground water, recharge, wetlands, contract rights, and water demand management program to avoid shortage.

Water Demand Management Program – JPI, Lincoln, Pacifica, Fairfield, Capital Pacific, Prime West and AIMCO.

Research and analysis of water use patterns in residential and commercial buildings. Develop program to reduce water use for buildings in Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, Utah, Washington, and Colorado

In-Stream Flow, U. S. Forest Service

Provided hydrologic and water right analysis for the In-stream flow water right application for Forest Service land in Colorado.

Water and Sewer Service Study – Galleria Mixed Use Development Project,. Aurora, Colorado

The Galleria project was a politically and environmentally sensitive project because of its impact on Denver, Aurora, Greenwood Village, and Arapahoe County. Key to the development was the availability of water and sewer and the various alternatives for service. The first phase of the project was to identify water and sewer supply alternatives, water conservation program and negotiate water and sewer service agreements. Study required thorough understanding of water and sewer extension agreements and city policies regarding water right acquisitions, sewer connection, and distributor responsibilities. Estimated delivery system costs and developed district water and sewer tap fee and rate schedule. The second phase of the project involved constructing offsite water and sewer facilities, obtaining approval from 23 separate entities, and installing a sewer line through an established neighborhood and existing Denver Park. Duties included coordination with public officials, businesses, neighborhood organization and individual property owners, as well as engineers, surveyors and contractors.

Colorado Integrated Resource – Conservation and Economics Model, Colorado Water Conservation Board.

Developed the first model that integrated the impacts of water supply, resource development, and water conservation on the economics of a water provider’s budget and rates.

Model Water Conservation Plan – Colorado Water Conservation Board, State of Colorado

Develop the model water conservation plan for Colorado municipalities. Plan includes various tested conservation tools for reducing water use, various strategies for implementing the program and the financial impact of various water conserving methods.

Water Conservation Program – City of Englewood, CO

Develop a water conservation/management program to reduce water usage for the city’s residential, commercial and industrial accounts. Program reviewed the efficacy of various programs and the program’s impact on the City’s water finance account

Water Management Program – Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District

Developed a water conservation program that included asset management, water supply development, and water demand reduction programs.

Water and Sewer Service Study – Douglas County Metropolitan District

Developed and implemented a plan to supply water and sewer service to 2,000 acre District in northwest Douglas County. Project responsibilities included developing and implementing water conservation program, identifying demands, annexation policies, water and sewer charge and tap fee analysis, facility sizing, pipeline routing, financial feasibility analysis, revenue generation, programs, evaluation of water supply and sewer service alternatives, and explanation of the plan to District Board, constituents, and financing firms.

Water and Sewer Service Study – Gondolier Farms

Gondolier is a mixed use development zoned in Douglas County, Colorado. The project had no water and sewer supply. Negotiated contract with local district to obtain water and sewer supply. Duties included utility demand analysis, water and sewer fee analysis, water conservation program development, water quality impact negotiations, ground water analysis, negotiation of water and sewer contract, utility construction cost estimates, and augmentation plan.

Water Resource Program – Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District, Arapahoe County, Colorado

Cherry Creek Valley has a need for developing a water supply for its future development. Developed and implemented water management plan, including water reuse and graywater system, pricing incentives, and educational program. Facilitated appropriation of Senate Bill 5 ground water and helped develop tributary and non-tributary delivery system. Analyzed and recommended water and sewer tap fee structure and user charger schedule. Developed water and sewer annexation, water audit, water conservation, and water line extension policies. Executed contract negotiations with Denver Water Board. Performed functions relating to demand analysis, water conservation program development, computer programming, scheduling, cost and revenue projecting, and political analysis.

Water Management Analysis – Colorado Water Conservation Board

Researched and analyzed various conservation measures including pricing strategies, legislative initiatives, retrofit programs, new development incentive packages, reuse systems, and graywater technologies. The information was assimilated and incorporated into a system operation and finance model.

Resource Fee Research Study – Homebuilders Association of Metropolitan Denver

Homebuilders were concerned about the cost of developing new water supplies and corresponding system development charges that had escalated to the highest in the nation, $7,250/home. Asked AquaSan to research alternative water development strategies and costs for possible use by municipal entities. Developed and designed a water conservation program which could provide a reliable water for several communities at a cost of less than $ 2,500/home.

Water Research Study – Engineer 470 Partnership

E-470, a highway connecting communities on the eastern portion of the Denver Metropolitan area from needed water for its landscaping, originally estimated at $ 1,000,000/mile. AquaSan researched costs and alternative landscaping projects. Implemented a xeriscape landscaping program and a graywater system for irrigation that saved the Partnership over 50% of their original estimate.

National Water Rates and Charges Study – Metropolitan Denver Home Builders Association. Denver, Colorado

Retained to perform metropolitan wide water and sewer rate and tap fee charges survey for the Colorado area and the U.S. southwest..

Sewer Fee and Charge Study – Confidential Client

Retained to perform water and sewer rate survey and analysis of front range providers.

Expert Witness – E-470 Highway Authority

Provided expert witness services regarding the availability and feasibility of water and sewer to property along the E-470 corridor. Projected costs and revenues, determined best policy practices. Worked with local districts, cities and property owners for installation of water line.

Rates and Fees Analysis – American Water Development, Inc., Denver, Colorado

Analysis of present and future rate structures, fees and charges in the front range. Developed program to generate revenue from water supply inventory.

Future Water Research Study – City of Lakewood, CO

Involved in many different but complementary management and technical tasks. Executed detailed research and analysis of the City’s existing water situation, including a supply study and demand study. Developed water and sewer annexation policies, alternative supply scenarios, cost and revenue projections, and financing alternatives. Managed program development through initiation of detailed research concerning all legal water agreements, and developing community support for projects’ conclusions

Littleton Future Water Research Study – City of Littleton, Colorado

Littleton was faced with a water shortage plus a multi-million dollar decision whether to participate in building the Two Forks Dam. Initially reviewed existing contracts and current water supply. Estimated demand and developed alternative supply scenarios. Costs and revenues were projected for the scenarios and a recommendation was provided. Technical responsibilities included hydraulic analysis, contract review, demand analysis, and economic analysis. Recommended program for meeting the costs to be incurred from future water projects.

Easement Negotiations – Meadowlakes Project

Residential development in Arvada, Colorado. Retained to obtain the approval and facilitate the construction of a sewer line through the back yards of a rural neighborhood. Project had been stopped several times during a four year period for environmental and political reasons, and, for these reasons, was considered “impossible” to install. Approval received, project came in on budget and schedule, and a thank you note was received from the neighbors. Duties included pipeline routing, right-of-way acquisition, and project management

Water Line Negotiations – Green Valley Ranch

Mixed use development in northeast Denver and northern Aurora. Negotiated proposed annexed areas of 8 mile water pipeline, reservoir and pump station in Denver. Duties included contract negotiations, payment schedule, cost estimates, construction schedule, and addressing local political and environmental concerns

Water Resource Analysis – City of Grand Junction

Analysis of Grand Junction’s water supply and impacts of upstream water development on City’s supply.

Annexation/De-annexation Negotiations – Bromley Park Metropolitan District, Brighton, Colorado

Bromley Park had a need to obtain water and sewer service to its service area. An agreement was structured with the Beebe Draw District. It was later determined service could be more efficiently provided from the City of Brighton. Responsibilities included negotiations for water and sewer annexation and de-annexation with Beebe Draw and Brighton, estimation of costs, contract development, water, sewer, and stormwater analysis


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Junior Achievement Consultant. Provided business experience to Littleton High School economics class which has resulted in several scholarships awarded to the students. It is also the only class in Colorado which includes a utility rate setting simulation and a water conservation program as part its curriculum.

Metropolitan Home Builders Association, Chairman of Water and Sewer Committee. Original water sponsor of the “Green Building Program”. The HBA has been proactive on several water issues affecting the state. As Chairman, the committee has adapted policies regarding water conservation, Two Forks and financing plans.

Colorado Business Week Lecturer. Lectured during a week in which High School students go to a college campus to learn about how the American economy works. As a guest lecturer on natural resources, the importance, protection, and development of Colorado resources were discussed in the context of our Economic system.

Metropolitan Cooperation Consultant. Assisted the group of seven metropolitan cities and three surrounding counties in understanding the morass of contract and water development issues involved in developing a metropolitan water supply program.

Colorado Winter Olympics Consultant. Assisting the Committee develop a water supply for snow making and domestic purposes.

NCAA Final Four Denver Organizing Committee. VIP and guest services. Worked with the DOC on accommodating sponsors, VIP’s and guests for the 1989 Regionals and 1990 Final Four

Colorado Water Education Foundation. Organized and first president of the first statewide organization dedicated to the development and dissemination of impartial water information for the Colorado public.

Colorado University, Center for the American West. Board of Directors, assist with planning, consulting and development of the Center.