AquaSan Network, Inc. (“AquaSan”) has 36years’ experience in successfully developing water and energy projects in the United States and internationally, providing a unique perspective on the nexus between water and energy. AquaSan has developed over 5,300 acre-feet / year of water through conservation, water management, purchase of water and development of new water rights. Successful energy development has included the development of over 4,100 MW of thermal, wind and solar projects. This knowledge along with teaching a graduate class in Environmental Policy at the University of Colorado that includes review of air and waste management regulation and best management practices provides an interdisciplinary understanding of how to successfully navigate the various perils associated with developing projects and completing projects swiftly and efficiently. The successful understanding of the integration of water and energy development has provided AquaSan’s customers with reduced water and sewer costs and impact fees, LEED certified buildings, and successful development of their projects.

Carmine discussing water and energy with Ghana’s President Mahama

National Public Radio Interview

Speaker for the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Speaker at the American Society of Plumbing Engineers