Allied Orion Holdings, LLC

With water becoming increasingly valuable and the corresponding increase in water and sanitary sewer fees and charges Allied needed to be smart about how we managed these resources and how to translate the management into reduced costs and fees.   AquaSan walks the talk and provided Allied a marketable water conservation program that translates into significant savings for Allied and its tenants.

Mr. Lauren A. Brockman

Lucky Corridor

Lucky Corridor needed a consultant with the combined experience of developing sites for generating electricity from natural gas and obtaining the water needed to run the turbines.  We also wanted to gauge  the support of the local community.  AquaSan Network was the company we chose.  Right off the bat, AquaSan suggested that we also canvas the possibility of obtaining wastewater to make the electricity, instead of using water potable for humans or animals.  Throughout its assignment, AquaSan helped us analyze the project in light of minimizing environmental impact, and developing a plan even better than that required by today’s laws and regulations. That progressive outlook is also helping us earn local support for developing a project in this targeted area.

Mike Magle, Erickson Project Manager

 "AquaSan Network was critical to the development of our 1500 unit, 75,000 square feet of nursing care and 150,000 square feet of community space at our Wind Crest retirement community project. AquaSan provided expert assistance in developing a water management program that included the only private bridge over the High Line Canal but also  a water conservation and management program that saved the development 30% of its water demand with a commensurate reduction of $398,000 in fees”  

Mike Zoellner, President/CEO of Red Peak Properties. 

"Red Peak has worked with AquaSan Network for 25 years and have reaped the financial rewards from their application of water conservation principals to our projects.  These principals have translated into a reduction in our water and sanitary sewer impact fees in excess of $3.5 M, helping Red Peak be more profitable while reducing our water and sanitary sewer usage to our residents”.